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2023 Dec 03 18:01:16
Sadly.. GOTHEM has.... For the present!


2023 Nov 29 19:04:54
Last chance! Get those GOTHEM's in!


2023 Nov 01 21:48:53
November GOTHEM now live!  Have fun!  ;D


2023 Oct 19 20:43:06
Don't forget the October GOTHEM Games are live! Come and join the fun!  :)


2023 Sep 01 07:21:02
September games are live!  This month we have 2 NEW games to the Amiga - I am keen to try Xevious 1200 - an accurate conversion from the Arcade, released this year!!  ;D

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FS-UAE / AmiDeb - An Amiga Emulator system.
« Last post by vk3heg on April 19, 2023, 09:21:27 pm »
What is AmiDeb:

AmiDeb is a bare-bones Linux install with just enough to run FS-UAE.

It is *NOT* Amilator, but is based on the idea's of Amilator.

Ruining a Text based front end, FS-UAE is then launched for your Amiga

Mounting of a real CD-Rom/DVD from the host is supported. (See A3000

As AmiDeb uses FS-UAE, all features of FS-UAE on Linux are

Mounting of real Amiga formatted Hard drives.

Access to the /amiga partition via the network share (Exposes the FS-UAE directory's for the ROM's/ADF's etc.

Tools on the Linux side: nano (Editor), mc (Midnight Commander [File
Manager]), linux network tools.

Basic Amiga configs are setup for the A500/2000 and the Amiga 1200. These use
the built in Kickstart of FS-UAE and will boot to "Amiga Test Kit"

The configs for the Amiga 3000/4000 have examples of using more options in line with a real Amiga. The Amiga 3000 configuration is a copy of my real Amiga 3000 setup, and is used in my personal testing of the system.

The config for the Amiga 4000 OS 4.1 is a real working setup of Amiga OS 4.1. (only the config file is supplied), this configuration uses the beta 3.2.11 version of fs-uae due to bugs related to OS 4.1 and networking.

At the end of the installation of AmiDeb you have a real Debian Linux
system, with the benefit of being able to update and customise the system.

See the Website at: https://amiga.vk3heg.net
General Discussion / Re: Amiga Retro Brisbane Auction Site
« Last post by intangybles on April 18, 2023, 11:36:09 am »
** Please note: Site is still in its infancy, so please be patient with its function  ;) Thank you

Amiga Retro Brisbane Auctions site:



Detailed information can be found in the section below.

Canberra Vintage Computer Exhibition 2023

After a very successful first event in 2022, come on over to Radford Junior School for our second annual event 🙂
We're continuing to work on the finer details so keep an eye on this event page as we get closer to the event!
This time round we'll more classic/vintage computers and technology on display, some to play, repair and restoration, and lots of information!

General Discussion / Amiga Retro Brisbane Auction Site - Closing August 31st
« Last post by intangybles on April 16, 2023, 09:54:25 pm »
Amiga Retro Brisbane Auctions site:



Detailed information can be found in the section below.

Please join us for a fun evening of discussion with the father of Commodore PETSCII, Leonard Tramiel.

Full details here:


See you at the chat !

After a very slow start - and apologies for that - updates coming this week - I hope  ;)
Just a quick not to mark the creation of some space on the forum (ARBF) for my new home Canberra!

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