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Title: Best Amiga tunes
Post by: power on February 18, 2020, 06:10:00 pm
What's the best stuff out there?

Bonus points for links for us to listen to.

Did anyone else used to just listen to some of the great tracks on some games, like the soundtrack to Lotus III or Turrican 2?

This isn't really a game music thread so i'd love to hear some great stuff we can fire up on OctaMED or something.
Title: Re: Best Amiga tunes
Post by: epsilon on February 21, 2020, 07:43:29 pm

Well, I hardly know where to begin! I love Amiga mods. I have a huge collection of favourites! I have them on my iPhone too to play on the go using Modizer. :-)

There are many different mod formats on the Amiga - I recommend using Deliplayer or Eagleplayer to play them. Hippoplayer is ok too, but doesn't support all the formats.

I suggest downloading the mod archive torrent for a huge instant collection!

Here is some of my Amiga mod favourites from a very long list - with links to play online or download the module! I tried to avoid game tunes, except for one classic one.

Drop the Panic - by H0ffman

Boom! and she cums! - by Nightshade

Guitar Slinger - by Jogeir Liljedahl

Towards Immortality - by Groo from "Absolute Inebriation" demo by Virtual Dreams

Moongazer - by Dr Awesome

Condom Corruption - from "State of the Art" demo by Spaceballs

Desert Dream Title - by Laxity from "Desert Dream" demo by Kefrens

Excellate - by Probe from "Psychedelic" demo by Virtual Dreams

Tama's Kingdom - by Muffler from "My Kingdom" demo by Haujobb & Scoopex

Thug Live - from "Thug Life" demo by Essence

Flight of the Heart - by Eric.G Pro

Girl from Ipanema - by Di33y

Goa - by Azazel from "Goa" demo by The Black Lotus

Interference - by Virgill from "Interference" demo by Sanity

Agony Intro - by Tim Wright, from "Agony" game by Psygnosis

Reject - by Substance

Skelma - by Heatbeat from "Full Moon" demo by Virtual Dreams

Somewhere - from a Game Crack Intro (I have long forgotten which one sorry!)

Crystal Rain - by Jogeir Liljedahl

Everyway - by H0ffman

There are so many more, but this is a start!

Title: Re: Best Amiga tunes
Post by: power on February 24, 2020, 09:04:59 am
i'll have to check that torrent out, sounds like exactly what i'm after.