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Title: March 2021 - Indianapolis 500
Post by: NinjaKat on February 28, 2021, 07:39:12 am
OCS/ECS Game of the Month for March, 2021, is Indianapolis 500!

The famous Indianapolis 500 Mile race, held annually at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on the Memorial Day weekend, is one of the most famous automobile racing events in North America. The event is simulated here using 3D polygon graphics to recreate the 33 cars in the race. Players are able to choose their car and customize it with a variety of options. Modifications include wing down-force, tire pressures, wheel stagger (making the right-side wheels larger, to compensate for the banked corners) and turbo output (which provides boost, but stresses the engine and uses more fuel).

After qualifying (by performing during four laps and taking the average) players can race over 10, 30, 60 or the full 200 laps. Lower modes remove car damage and the 'full-course yellow' system, the absence of these can make for repeat carnage including traffic collisions and huge pile-ups.


Links to game information:

Please refer to the 'Game of the Month Rules and Participation (,35.0.html)' post for information on how to participate!  Good Luck!

* To qualify: best time 10 laps in team: March, car: Cosworth.
Title: Re: March 2021 - Indianapolis 500
Post by: NinjaKat on March 26, 2021, 12:08:56 am
Played a bit of Indianapolis 500 tonight. Love this game!  Playing brought back so many memories.  In the day this was such an amazing racing game and simulator, well ahead of its time.
As far as score/times, I might have to change the rules for posting, as I found it difficult to read the standings at the end of a 10 lap race.  I found you can press F2 to see the standings and use < and > keys to move up and down through the list.  I came 26th tonight, but it showed -0:31.1 next to that.  Not sure if this was 31 seconds behind the winner or position 25, or what the finish time was.  I will have another go tomorrow night and send an update and my best score/time.  We might have to do a qualifying round and post our best lap time, that seems pretty consistent.  Will let you all know what is decided.  If in future games you feel my rules of qualification are not reasonable, please send me a message in the game thread or directly!  I will also try better to research each game prior to the month starting!
Thanks and most importantly, have fun!
Title: Re: March 2021 - Indianapolis 500
Post by: NinjaKat on March 26, 2021, 11:12:54 pm
Hi all, ok I think we should go with best lap during a qualifying round.  I did another race and I do not understand the standings at all!  I will post my latest race results... the winner got 220.04 (mph?), so not a total time but a best speed?  and I ranked 23 which showed -1 -0:10.8 (no idea...)  I would love someone to explain to me what that all means!?!?
Anyway I got a 44:82 lap time during qualifying, so I'll post that.
Played on my A1200.
Title: Re: March 2021 - Indianapolis 500
Post by: NinjaKat on April 01, 2021, 08:37:27 am
...and the winner is....   me?  did anyone else have a go?  ???