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Title: StrangePlanet BBS
Post by: bananator on April 09, 2022, 05:56:28 pm
Strange Planet is pure nostalgia from 90’s.  Amiga BBS running on Cnet 3.05D with custom Amiga ascii. We have active file base  with the latest releases as well Oldskool Warez Archive with thousands of files from legendary boards such Boondocs, Cement City.

- All users will have full rights. no limits. You can download as much as you want.
- Comprehensive collection of various BBS program doors files such as cnet, amiexpress, daydream

How to connect:
Port: 6800

Amiga: DCtelnet ->
Windows/Linux: Netrunner ->
Mac: Syncterm ->

or use a browser

Title: Re: StrangePlanet BBS
Post by: intangybles on April 19, 2022, 12:04:00 pm
Fantastic to have you aboard!

I will be sure to visit!

Our BBS is currently using Mystic but I am in the process of getting a C-Net system up and running in the "the cloud".

The ARBF Team.