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July 19, 2024, 03:30:27 pm

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2024 Jul 15 07:47:51
Hi all, extended SimCity2000 through to August to give us all time to have a good go at this!  :D


2024 May 30 07:31:48
Hi all, it's almost June.  Guess what!?  I've got my 'arcade' room almost set up, to a point where I can actually sit down in front of my Amigas to play games!!!  I am keen to start up GOTHEM again, and plan to post a couple of new games this weekend!


2024 May 28 13:55:52
Amazing New Things are happening on the forum!


2023 Dec 03 18:01:16
Sadly.. GOTHEM has.... For the present!


2023 Nov 29 19:04:54
Last chance! Get those GOTHEM's in!

Author Topic: July-August 2024 - Sim City 2000  (Read 1842 times)

Offline NinjaKat

July-August 2024 - Sim City 2000
« on: July 02, 2024, 03:16:24 pm »
AGA Game of the Month for July-August 2024, is Sim City 2000![/b]

SimCity 2000 is the city building game subsequent to SimCity, developed and published by Maxis Software and released in 1993. It made its way onto many platforms following its initial release. It expanded upon many of the concepts that were present in the original and features new gameplay elements.

In this new version you now have the ability to build land with different elevations before you even start with structures. Once you have your terrain to your liking, you can start with your city. Available structures include the old tried and true from the original, but add many additional options like prisons, museums, hospitals, seaports, and much more. You also have access to building underground pipes and subways as well as building roads that lead to other cities with which you can trade. You also have your choice of ways to produce power for your city, but they have a finite existence and must be rebuilt periodically. You can now set individual taxes for the different city zones (residential, industrial, commercial) and enact ordinances. One of the most helpful additions is the query tool, which allows you to see information about anything in your city. The list of new features is too long to go into fully, you will just have to see for yourself. Apart from just free building, you can also play through challenges dealing with different scenarios.

  • Amiga Hardware: AGA
  • Release Year: 1994
  • Disks: 3
  • WHDLoad: No
  • Players: 1 only
  • Publisher: Maxis
  • Developer: Maxis
  • A500 Mini: Not as standard

Links to game information:

Please refer to the 'Game of the Month Rules and Participation' post for information on how to participate!  Good Luck!

* To qualify: Play SCENARIO: Flint, Michigan. You can turn off disasters as this option may randomly affect progress (pause and select No Disasters from the Disasters menu).  Take a screenshot once you have completed the scenario (5 years) and the winner will be the one who qualifies with the shortest amount of time to reach the goal of 21,000 Industry Population.  If there are two entries with the same month/year, the winner will be the one with the highest income.  Please ensure your screenshot shows the scenario ending screen including the month/year and income (shows at the top of screen). Play on an AGA real Amiga or equivalent emulator. As per the GOTHEM rules, please confirm the machine/emulator you used, your score, screenshot/photo with score shown.  If the game does not keep score, please let us know where you got up to (without spoilers) with a brief review of your time with the game. Also state any additional qualification rules stated above, such as playing on a certain mode with certain rules, just so we have a better feeling that you are playing fairly!

Do not use keys, passwords or cheats, including the WHDLoad option to skip levels with the Help key![/b]
« Last Edit: July 15, 2024, 08:08:32 am by NinjaKat »
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Offline NinjaKat

Re: July 2024 - Sim City 2000
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2024, 07:46:44 am »
Updated rules, sorry to be so late.  To give us all a chance to play this, I will extend through August.

I also had to install the patch to get this running.  Here is the patch:

My Amigas:
A1200, ACA1233n-26.67, Gotek, IDE2SD 32GB, WB3.1.4, HID2AMI (Gaming)
A2000, Gotek, A2091 SCSI, SCSI2SD 32GB, WB3.1, HID2AMI (Apps & dev)
NinjaKat console - mini arcade cabinet powered by Amiberry/Raspberry Pi 4
A500 Mini

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Re: July-August 2024 - Sim City 2000
« Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 01:46:38 pm »
I had never played this game before.

I spent quite sometime building my own cities and learning how it worked.

The Hi-Res Laced mode it runs in can be a bit tough.

Thankfully my machine has an indivision scandoubler/flickerfixer, which made it a lot better to play.

Very much enjoyed playing this, even though I had seen some people bagging it.

My finish Month/Year: FEB 1976
Cash: $10,824

Played on my A1200 TF1260, no keys , passwords or cheats were used.


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