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June 18, 2024, 10:24:04 pm

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2024 May 30 07:31:48
Hi all, it's almost June.  Guess what!?  I've got my 'arcade' room almost set up, to a point where I can actually sit down in front of my Amigas to play games!!!  I am keen to start up GOTHEM again, and plan to post a couple of new games this weekend!


2024 May 28 13:55:52
Amazing New Things are happening on the forum!


2023 Dec 03 18:01:16
Sadly.. GOTHEM has.... For the present!


2023 Nov 29 19:04:54
Last chance! Get those GOTHEM's in!


2023 Nov 01 21:48:53
November GOTHEM now live!  Have fun!  ;D

Author Topic: June 2024 - Putty Squad  (Read 477 times)

Offline NinjaKat

June 2024 - Putty Squad
« on: May 31, 2024, 02:40:17 pm »
We're back!!!!!

AGA Game of the Month for June 2024, is Putty Squad!

After twenty years the war that had been raging between the Putty people and the forces of evil led by the Wizard Scatterflash was finally over with the Putty faction mounting a complete withdrawal from the Capital city of Klud.

The Putty nation was rapidly occupied by the Wizards army of Demonic imps and Self Motivated Vegetables including the dreaded T2000 Terminator Carrots, the once fertile lands soon fell into decline spawning all sorts of slimy creatures and evil spirits.

Many years later the United Nations received blurred photographs showing Putty prisoners of war in the hands of the Wizard's forces and it was decided to send in a "Peace Keeping Force" of UN Troops to rescue these M.I.A's.

The force was made up of GI Pups led by their Commander Napalm the Cat, unfortunately Napalm went completely crazy in the field and set himself up as a God to the native population of spotted frogs in a remote area.

The C.I.A decided that Napalm must be terminated with extreme prejudice and the Putty M.I.A's rescued so a special hit squad was formed- Putty Squad.

Super Putty and his ex-enemy Dweezil the Ginger Cat have to parachute into hostile areas and locate and rescue the M.I.A's as well as fight all the factions involved in the war.

The secret objective of this mission is known only to Dweezil but it does involve a Wizard and a large amount of Gold.

  • Amiga Hardware: AGA
  • Release Year: 2013
  • Disks: 2
  • WHDLoad: Yes
  • Players: 1 only
  • Publisher: System 3
  • Developer: John Twiddy
  • A500 Mini: Not as standard

Links to game information:

Please refer to the 'Game of the Month Rules and Participation' post for information on how to participate!  Good Luck!

* To qualify: Play from Level 1 on the AGA version on an AGA machine or equivalent emulator. As per the GOTHEM rules, please confirm the machine/emulator you used, your score, screenshot/photo with score shown.  If the game does not keep score, please let us know where you got up to (without spoilers) with a brief review of your time with the game. Also state any additional qualification rules stated above, such as playing on a certain mode with certain rules, just so we have a better feeling that you are playing fairly!

Do not use keys, passwords or cheats, including the WHDLoad option to skip levels with the Help key!
« Last Edit: June 11, 2024, 03:06:43 pm by NinjaKat »
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Offline NinjaKat

Re: June 2024 - Putty Squad
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2024, 03:04:30 pm »
Wow, I'm glad I found this game!  How great is it!  I encourage everyone to at least give it a go!

I will explain my experience so far, in case it helps anyone else:  At first I was using an old WHDLoad version (it was 1.1) and the controls were not responding properly at all.  I was constantly jumping and could not press down on the joystick to stay as a 'puddle' without the game reverting straight back to being 'inflated'. At first I thought this was just the game, being the first time I had played it.  I realised something was wrong when I went to put in my high score (which was terrible of course!), and the keys were automatically scrolling through the alphabet (like the joystick control was stuck in the up position!).  I searched around on the net and found information about a high score fix in later versions of WHDLoad (I think), so I re-downloaded the WHD Install, the ADF files from the developer's site, and installed back on my A1200.  It fixed the issues, and immediately I was able to play the game properly and found this to be now one of my favourite games on the Amiga!

I played a few levels, and made a few silly mistakes leading to falling off the level, so I am sure I can do better, if I get the time, but here is my score:


Played on my Amiga 1200 starting on level 1, no passwords/keys used, and did not press 'Help' to advance through any levels.
My Amigas:
A1200, ACA1233n-26.67, Gotek, IDE2SD 32GB, WB3.1.4, HID2AMI (Gaming)
A2000, Gotek, A2091 SCSI, SCSI2SD 32GB, WB3.1, HID2AMI (Apps & dev)
NinjaKat console - mini arcade cabinet powered by Amiberry/Raspberry Pi 4
A500 Mini


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