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2022 Jun 06 08:53:16
Now Live! Game of the Month 31 - June 2022 (OCS/ECS: Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe, AGA: Alien Breed 3D)

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2022 May 01 16:38:39
May 2022 Games of the Month are now live! Join us and have some RETRO fun!  ;D


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April 2022 Games of the Month are now live! Join us and have some RETRO fun!

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March 2022 Games of the Month are now live! Join us and have some RETRO fun!

Author Topic: Game of the Month Rules and Participation  (Read 1771 times)

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Game of the Month Rules and Participation
« on: October 29, 2019, 05:20:01 pm »
The ARBF Game of the Month is really just an excuse to focus on a great Amiga game for a month!  Here are some points to be aware of before participating:
  • Games will be selected based on votes from registered members
  • The games in the voting lists will be selected by ARBF Administrators from games that have not been played
  • If you have a favourite game you wish to be added to a future poll, let us know by posting a reply to the 'Game Requests' forum topic!
  • Real Amigas are preferred, but Emulators are also allowed (after all it is all about the games!).  If you are using an emulator (or a real Amiga) you must not use cheats, save states, rewinds, fast forwarding, or any other advantage made available by the emulator that is not a built in feature of the game being played.  Let's just all play fair.
  • Submissions should be made directly to the GOTheM forum post, or as an email (see below), as the user submitting the score.  Include a screenshot (note there are image size limitations on the forum posts - so if you are not sure how to resize, send your hiscore as an email (see below)).  Your submission should also include verification of any per-game rules (eg Single Player, XYZ mode), and the Amiga (or Emulator) model, and operating system.  Examples could be Amiga 1200/WB3.1.4, OR Raspberry Pi/Amiberry 3.0.11
  • At the end of each month, the top 3 high-scorers, and/or the top 3 reviews, will get a special mention, and the TOP scorer will receive a special BADGE!
  • Using cheats is not allowed.  Cheats (in game codes, cracks, or though WHDLoad) are unfair to others that do not use them.  We will not know if you have used a cheat, so this is really an honesty system here.  Let's play fair!
  • High scores should be captured as a screenshot or photo, and game reviews supplied in plain text and emailed to gothem@amigaretro.com after midnight on the 1st of the month and before midnight on the last day of the month to be eligible!
DISCLAIMER: Game rom files and WHDLoad installations may be used if they are a backup of a legally owned version of that game.  While emulation itself is a completely legal way to play games, and emulators are a vital (often open-source and volunteer-produced) aspect of the ongoing conservation of aging games - piracy is illegal in Australia, and some other countries. Therefore, we here at Amiga Retro Brisbane DO NOT condone piracy in any way.
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