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November 25, 2020, 08:48:56 pm

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2020 Nov 03 11:31:13
Games of the Month for November 2020

OCS/ECS: Pinball Dreams
AGA:Simon the Sorcerer


2020 Oct 10 09:23:13
October games of the month are now live! Desert Strike and Tin Toy Adventure  ;D


2020 Oct 03 21:49:24
Another Tie Breaker!


2020 Aug 05 12:48:17
OCS/ECS: Alien Breed
AGA: Deluxe Galaga AGA


2020 Apr 26 22:36:04
Tie breaker imminent for Game of the Month for May!  Come on, your vote counts!!!

Author Topic: November 2020 - Simon the Sorcerer  (Read 232 times)

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November 2020 - Simon the Sorcerer
« on: November 01, 2020, 09:25:47 am »
AGA Game of the Month for November, 2020, is Simon the Sorcerer!

Once upon a time It all started on the day of Simon's 12th birthday. He was having a party, not a modern rave party that 12 year olds have these days, but a quiet English affair with jelly and ice-cream, pin-the-tail on
grandma and a magician called Marvelo. He specialised in pulling rabbits out of hats and making seemingly endless quantities of brightly coloured handkerchiefs appear from his mouth.

Simon took great pleasure in pointing out how these tricks were done to his awe-struck friends and eventually had to be physically restrained by his father to prevent Marvelo the Magician becoming Marvelo the Murderer.

When 'blowing-out-the-candles' time came, Simon wished for a Gameboy from his grandparents and for his older brother to fall down something deep and preferably spiky. He was surprised when later the doorbell rang
and upon opening the door, he discovered a small scruffy looking dog wrapped up in shiny paper. After unsuccessfully trying to install his friends Tetris cart, he was persuaded that it was not a new Gameboy after all.

The dog (he called it Chippy) had a strange book in it's mo uth that no-one could read. His parents hadn't the heart to tell the young boy the dog wasn't for him and that they had no idea from where or whom it came. It was
after all the target for the boyish sadism found in all youngsters. The family adopted the dog and the book was dumped in the loft and forgotten…

Until now …

  • Amiga Hardware: AGA
  • Release Year: 1993
  • Disks: 9
  • WHDLoad: Yes
  • Players: 1 only
  • Publisher: Adventure Soft
  • Developer: Adventure Soft

Links to game information:

Please refer to the 'Game of the Month Rules and Participation' post for information on how to participate!  Good Luck!

* To qualify for the game of the month, you must supply a screenshot of playing the game, as well as your best review (as there is no scoring in this point and click adventure).  You can play the AGA or CD32 version.  Good luck and enjoy!
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Re: November 2020 - Simon the Sorcerer
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2020, 10:06:03 am »
Oh dear... another one I can't seem to get the hang of!
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